What's different about you?

Your friends will ask

At the end of the Home Transformation, you will have a pep in your step and a glow to your skin because you’ll have the breathing room to do the things you love rather than be burdened with shoulds and coulds.

You think you’ve tried everything. I get it, I’ve been there too.  
You buy bins from Target only for them to be overflowing and completely unorganized in no time.
You’ve tried daily routines, weekly routines, and even bought a new planner to keep things straight.
You think to yourself that this time it’s going to be different.
But… somehow you are still exhausted from the constant chores of picking up, moving, reorganizing, buying solutions, etc.
To make lasting change, you have to dig deeper. That is where the KonMari Method™ comes in.

Who is this for?

stuff everywhere! You constantly pick up only for the mess to happen within minutes.

are you sick of...

you're busy all the time, but you can't get ahead to plan for the next day or week?

do you feel...

a tidy home with minimal effort and time to do things for yourself?

do you want...

Get Started Today!

Less than the cost of most home renovations
with effects that last longer than
smudge-free, freshly painted walls!

Discover your vision

Discuss strategies to tackle your main problem area

Equip you with the tools of the KonMari Method™

Start, and often complete, the first category

Email access for 2 weeks after session

Full Session

we will:

This is for those who want to DIY their tidying festival and want hands-on instruction before or during the process.  It also works well who want help on a traditional organizing project.


5-Hour in-person or Virtual session

Discover your vision

Discuss strategies to tackle your main problem area

Customized timeline and strategy for your tidying festival

Equip you with the tools of the KonMari Method™

Complete as many categories as posssible

Create storage solutions and evaluate daily flows that aren't working

Email, phone, and text access between sessions and 2 weeks after

Home Transformation

we will:

This is for those who are ready to invest in their home and family and be rid of clutter and chaos once and for all.


15-Hours of In-Person Sessions

Declutter with confidence.

and free up time for yourself and your family...

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Questions & Answers

is this right for you?

how long does the project typically last?

A complete tidying festival can last between 25-40 hours or more!  It all depends on how much you have and how quickly you can make decisions on what sparks joy for you.

I want to tidy just a room or two.  Is that ok?

Using the KonMari Method™, we will tidy by item category and not by room.  However, I'd love to chat with you to see how we should tackle your situation.

I'm stretched SO thin.
Can you help me?

Yes!  My first question though is whether you can make this a priority.  If not, it may be you need to clear your calendar a bit before we get started.  Let's chat!