Caroline Roberts
Founder & Lead Organizer

I’m Caroline, the founder of The Simplified Island.  I know first-hand the responsibilities of a wife, mom, entrepreneur, friend, daughter (the list goes on). I also know that feeling when there are too many balls in the air and if you let just one drop the world may end.
Spoiler alert!  It won't.

When you work with our team, we'll help you declutter your belongings.  Then we'll find the best places for your items so that your family members can find things AND put them away!  Really!

We'll create systems that work for your family, and we'll discuss how the space can transition through life's various seasons.

Our Team

Meredith Chisenhall
Lead Organizer

Ashley Fitzgerald
Marketing Assistant

Meredith is a mom to 3 not-so-tiny humans and wife to Lonnie.  Before becoming a stay-at-home mom and traveling baseball wife, she was an elementary school teacher.

Being organized was essential as she moved multiple times per year to support her husband's career.  They have now settled back into their hometown of Morehead City, NC and love living on the coast.  She knows first-hand that an organized life is a simplified life.

Ash is the artistic talent behind our social media, emails, and membership site. She maximizes SEO on every blog post, creates gorgeous graphics, and turns all of our ideas into reality!

When she's not testing keywords and tweaking Canva graphics for us, she's an amazing videographer serving Eastern North Carolina. Ash loves spending time with her family and friends, preferably doing something active on the beach!

Your Path to Simplified®

step one

This may seem like an obvious first step, but it's a crucial one. You have to be ready to make deep, meaningful change. If you simply want a pretty space but aren't truly ready to maintain it with basic organizing principles, then most systems will not work for you longterm.

Ready for Change

step two

We'll discuss how you want to feel in your home and work backwards toward the items and activities that make you feel that way. If all of that seems overwhelming, we’ll start small and your vision will slowly emerge through the process.

Discover your Vision

step three

We will go through every item in your home. You get to decide what brings you joy and gets to stay and what you no longer need. You will hone your skill of determining exactly what sparks joy for you in all areas of your life. You will finish with a different outlook on life and home. Oh, and we’ll have some fun along the way.

Declutter by Category

step FOUR

Congratulations! Your home is full of only things you love, so we want to make sure all of those things are stored with love in places that make sense and where everyone in the family can find them! It should work for you not create work for you.

Organize Your Belongings

step FIVE

This is where the magic happens.  We don't stop at a beautifully, organized space.  We want to know how you use the space and what your normal routine looks like.  There are often ways we can help you streamline those everyday routines, so your routines work beautifully with your newly organized spaces.

Create Systems

step SIX

Our lives are in a constant state of change, and we love to help clients through all kinds of transitions. Whether you are a new empty nester, moving to a new house, or just getting ready for a new season of the year, we can help your spaces transition with your needs.

Refine & Repeat

Think we're a match?
We're ready when you are!