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Recipe Round-Up!

January 24, 2021

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Here are some of our most-used recipes in my recipe binder!  I hope you enjoy this recipe round-up!

It is very rare for me to follow a recipe exactly.  Sometimes I'm missing an ingredient, and other times I simply think a tweak or two sounds better.  I've made my notes below on what I've done, but feel free to continue to make it your own!

For tips on how to organize your own recipe binder, check out my blog post linked here.


Meatless Mains

Veggie Black Bean Enchiladas by Cookie & Kate

These are seriously so delicious, and you will never miss the meat.  It's also very versatile because you can add in whatever veggies you have on hand!  Thrive Market has an amazing enchilada sauce without gross ingredients if making a sauce from scratch isn't your thing.


Date Night Pasta with Goat Cheese by Pinch of Yum

Goat cheese makes everything more delish.  This is a very flexible recipe too.  You can use any pasta and any mushrooms.  I think a sprinkle of sage is a nice addition.



Cioppino by Giada De Laurentiis

Y'all, please make this recipe.  We have made a million different versions of it, and it's always good.  The key is to have a fantastic crunchy, chewy bread to sop up all of the broth.  Generally, we do not add fish, use veggie broth instead of fish stock, and skip the fennel.



Pollo in Potacchio by Skinny Taste

This recipe has instructions for stovetop, slow cooker, and Instant Pot!  I usually serve it over mashed cauliflower, but it's great over mashed potatoes too!  Feel free to go for boneless chicken or another cut.  It makes a ton, so I have frozen the chicken individually for a quick lunch.



Broccoli Cheese & Potato Soup by Skinny Taste

Another Skinny Taste recipe!  I make this at least once a month.  It's so good and freezes well for quick meals later.  I don't use American cheese and add more cheddar instead.  I also usually add more broccoli than it calls for.


Salad Dressing

Green Goddess Dressing by Simply Real Health

I highly recommend both of Sarah Adler's cookbooks.  Her recipes are full of real food and very easy to prepare.  This green goddess dressing is SO good.



Banana Bread by Simply Real Health

Whether you eat gluten-free or not, you will love this banana bread.  The almond flour and coconut flour shine in this recipe.  I generally use avocado oil instead of coconut oil and rarely add the walnuts because the kiddos aren't fans.



Baked Oatmeal by Thriving Home Blog

You must put baked oatmeal in your breakfast rotation.  It is so easy, delicious warm or cold, and can be frozen in individual servings for a quick breakfast another day.  This recipe is the most versatile.  I've made it exactly, but most of the time I use whatever fruit I have on hand.  I've changed 100 things about this recipe, and it always turns out wonderful, so it's the perfect base to get you started.  I also highly recommend a small dollop of peanut butter on top of a warmed bowl of this.



Autumn Chiller by Chow Hound

This is such a great fall and winter mocktail and is delish with a little vodka or bourbon to make it an adult beverage.


Sweet Treats

We love sweet treats in our house, and there really isn't anything better than homemade.

Best Fudgy Cocoa Brownies by Cafe Delites

If you are in the fudgy brownie camp (versus cakey), then this recipe is for you.  It's really perfect.  One-bowl, simple ingredients, and amazingly gooey.  I usually use white-wheat flour, so I can pretend they are healthy!  Skip the box mix next time and try this.

Detox Macaroons by Eating Bird Food

I'm not sure where the detox comes in with this recipe, but these are delicious and super simple to make.

Orange-Cranberry Bundt Cake by Jeff Mauro with Maple-Orange Icing by Marcela Valladolid

Oddly, this cake recipe didn't include icing, and while I'm sure it's delish on its own, I was happy to find a complimentary icing to go with it!  This is one of my favorite flavor combos, and it makes the perfect, special dessert for family/friend get-togethers.

Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Mix by The Kitchen Garten

My friend Courtney is the brains behind this blog!  Ever since I first tried her hot chocolate, I have kept this mix on hand.  It's so tasty and doesn't include the sketchy ingredients like the packets.


I hope you find something you love in this recipe round-up!  Please comment below and share your family's favorite recipes.

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Thanks for reading!


Recipe Round Up | The Simplified Island

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I'm Caroline Roberts - your guide for getting your home decluttered and organized once and for all!

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