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Decluttering is a huge step toward regaining peace in your life.  This process will not only leave you with a home full of things you love, but you will find yourself, your dreams, and your goals along the way.

Sure, you buy this workbook because you have too much stuff in your house, and you need help figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of.  (This is the perfect workbook for that!)

But the reason this method works is because as you are deciding what items spark joy, you are honing your sense of what parts of your life spark joy.

Once you have been through this process, you won't want to go back to the way things were because you will know exactly what you want in your home and out of life.

to Decluttering Your Home

Discover your vision.  Declutter your home.  Find yourself along the way.

For $148, you can own this printable guidebook and walk through my process step-by-step.
Are you ready for more joy in your life?

Price: $148

I know what you are feeling...

Your house is so full of stuff that you know it's a problem but you don't know where to start.

You are drowning in so many "shoulds" that you don't even know what you want out of life anymore.

Your family members can never find anything on their own, so you end up finding everything for them.

You're embarrassed when people pop in. (How dare they?!)  You need a good two days notice before guests can come in!

You know your UPS driver's name, birthday, and hobbies because he delivers packages to your house daily.

You never have anything to wear even though your closet is totally full.

You accidentally let something slip through the cracks and then worrying what else you may be forgetting.

The process in the workbook will guide you through finding the items in your home that spark joy, and along the way you will find yourself again.

Being able to relax or try new hobbies on the weekends because you aren't overwhelmed  with chores.

Just imagine...

Having more money in your bank account because you no longer buy things that you don't truly love...even if they are on sale.

Being present with your loved ones and not thinking about what needs to be done at home or worrying that you have forgotten something.

Your family knowing where things are, so they can get things for themselves and put things away when they are done!

This workbook isn't surface-level organizing.

If you are organizing without decluttering first, you are doing it wrong.

I've seen them too.  The gorgeous drool-worthy photos of rainbow-organized bookshelves and unrealistic (but gorgeous) pantries.  Those things used to be my goal.  I bought lots of woven baskets to organize a huge closet in my home.  The closet was beautiful when it was done, but it stayed that way for about... two weeks before it was overflowing again.  The problem was that everything was SO full!  I couldn't get anything out of the baskets without making a mess, which also meant I couldn't easily put anything away.  Sound familiar?

If you start with decluttering, then it is so much easier to keep things tidy.  It will be easier for everyone to find things AND to put them away.  Yes!  This workbook will guide you through each category of your home as you decide what you love and want to keep and what has served its purpose and can be discarded.

What you'll get...

Prompts to discover your ideal lifestyle

If you are like me, then thinking far out into the future can feel impossible.  I don't know what I'm going to do this weekend, how in the world can I think years out?  These visioning prompts are perfect for you!  We go more by feeling than specifics!

20+ pages of step-by-step instructions to declutter

Can you read and follow directions?  Then you can do this!  Deciding whether to keep specific items can be hard!  I struggle with it too, which is why each category includes an entire list of questions to help you evaluate items when you get stuck.

Next Steps to follow after you declutter your home

Your daily life is going to be much smoother without so much stuff in your way!  I've included some common next steps to take when you are done decluttering.  You have made such huge progress, and these steps will ensure your changes are lasting.

I'm Caroline, and I know first-hand the responsibilities of a wife, mom, entrepreneur, friend, daughter (the list goes on).  I'm also a Certified KonMari Consultant.  Not only have I been trained in the KonMari Method™ of finding your vision and decluttering your home, but I've done it for myself and with clients.

I totally get how days can feel hectic, and how it's impossible to think about planning for the future when you can hardly get through the day.  If you are so tired of feeling that way and ready to simplify your life, then this workbook is for you.

Meet your guide

i'm here to help you find breathing room in the everyday to enjoy every day.

Common Qs and As:

hey there, i have a question...

Is this workbook for anyone?

Yes!  This workbook will walk you through the process I use with clients.  There are plenty of ways to customize the book for it to work for you no matter your needs!

Can I declutter my kid's room with this workbook?

It is a great idea to declutter WITH your child, but I hesitate doing it without his/her permission.  You know your child best. 

Will this help me source organizing products?

This workbook does not cover storage or organizing products.  A storage guide is in the works!  Sign up for my emails so you don't miss it!

What do I do after I complete the workbook?

How do you feel?  If you think you need one-on-one help, then reach and let's discuss some virtual or in-person sessions.  If you feel great, then be proud of your progress and continue honing your systems.

can i buy this at any time?

This digital downloadable workbook will be a staple as I grow my offerings.  It's important to go through the process when you can dedicate the time to it.  This may not be the right season for you to do this process, and that's ok.

how long does it take to get through the course?

You work at your own pace, but I would like for you to complete the process within 4-6 months.  Moving quickly is important to see changes happening and keep up momentum.

Move forward today...

The Complete Guide to decluttering your home is a digital download and not a physical product.  once you complete your purchase, you will be able to download the PDF file.  due to the digital nature of the product, there are no returns or refunds.  I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, so please contact me with any questions or concerns.

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