I created this gift tracker out of necessity!  I have a long list of people I buy gifts for, and I often shop for items for my kids that my parents or mother in law will give them.  It can be really hard to keep track of everything!  I also need to keep track of what Santa brings our kids versus what we give them.

The PDF includes 4 different list layouts.   Shown in the photo is the big section page with the "giver" column.  (This is where you would write Santa, Grandma, Me, etc.). Another page is just like this one but without the "giver" column.  Then there are two pages with much smaller sections perfect for the people you give just one item.

So, clear the running list in your head and enjoy some Christmas cookies instead!  Merry Christmas!

STop trying to keep all of your christmas gifts in your head!

Gift Tracker & Shopping List